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Beginning Training I
Teaching the Sit to Stand

This is a five part series. It covers one of my favorite introductory exercises, Sit to Stand, while using food and toys as motivational training tools.

Before pursuing training on agility obstacles we must build a training relationship which consists of good instruction and leadership on the part of the human, and good learning skills on the part of the dog. These things come with practice. I spend a lot of time 'practicing' in work/play sessions with my dog that take place in and around the home before agility obstacles are introduced. This video series is intended to provided the viewer with a step by step look at how you may begin developing your own training relationship with your dog through the example of teaching the Sit to Stand exercise. The lessons in this series apply whether I'm starting a pup of 7 weeks of age, or an adult dog of any age.


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Part 1
This video clip demonstrates the process of shaping the Sit to Stand behavior using body cues and food as a motivator and reward. (File size: 4.18 MB)

Part 2
This clip demonstrates the next level of shaping the Sit to Stand behaviors. (File size: 3.75 MB)

Part 3
The process of naming behaviors is discussed here. (File size: 1.98 MB)

Part 4
Here we show the process of getting a behavior on verbal cue. (File size: 2.79 MB)

Part 5
Now we introduce toys and play as a motivator and reward. (File size: 1.22 MB)

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