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Basic Handling

This is a five part video lesson series demonstrating the process of teaching your dog to send to the tire, table and between jump stanchions. We also cover introductory sequencing. The clicker is used to mark behaviors. This series assumes you have already developed a strong working foundation with your dog.

Prerequisite skills are covered in the following titles in the Library: Clicker Training, Play Training, Target Training, Beginning Training I and Beginning Training II.


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Video 1
The dog learns to travel between the space of the jump uprights while handler remains a distance behind the obstacle. (949 KB)

Video 2
The dog learns to send to the table and tire. (2.07 MB)

Video 3
Sequencing with jumps placed on a circle. Jump bars are set on the ground or well below the dog's elbow height. This is a handling exercise, not a jumping exercise. (417 KB)

Video 4
Sequencing in the figure eight pattern with two jumps. This, again, is a handling exercise, not a jumping exercise.
(949 KB)

Video 5
Adding distance and angles to your sends, shown in an exercise using the tire. (1.26 MB)

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