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Dillon (Lab Cross) 1984-1997

The best natured dog of all time! Dillon loved to swim, play frisbee and "the paper bag" game!

Dillon was my first dog, adopted from an animal shelter while I was a college student. He will forever be in my heart.



Hunter (Belgian Tervuren) 1989-2001
Snowflower Alibi for Sharvon UD

Most who knew Hunter remember him for his beauty, and lovely, prancing gait while heeling.

  • Highest Scoring Dog in Trial with a score of 199 out of a possible 200 at his (and Lauri's!) debut in AKC Novice A Obedience
  • Many scores in the 197-199 range during his career
  • Participant in Western and Eastern Regional Obedience Competitions
  • UD in AKC Obedience

Kipp (Border Collie) 1993-2002
Scotswood Kipp ADCH, CD, TD, VST1, OA NAJ, NAC, NJC

Kipp lost a battle with cancer at 8 years young and took a piece of my heart with him. He will always be remembered for his spunk, spirit, and joy for living!

  • Agility Dog Champion USDAA
  • Versatility title from AKC for holding titles in 3 venues: obedience, tracking and agility
  • CD in obedience with several scores in the 198-199 range
  • 1st place in 22" division USDAA Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility in 1999

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(Tien Tran Photography)

Moss (Border Collie)
Redtop Moss AAD, GCH, RM, OA, NAJ, TD

Moss' motto: When I'm good, I'm very, very good, and when I'm bad I'm...!
  • Earned his TD (tracking dog) title by running his test track in 6 minutes
  • Competing at the USDAA Masters level with placements in the competitive 22" division
  • Purina Incredible Dog Challenge 3rd place winner in the 60 Weave Pole Event, Western Regional 2003

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Lark (Border Collie)
Lock-Eye Morning Flight ADCH

Personality plus, and ears to match. Lark is known for her intense stare and enormously kind heart!

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(Tien Tran Photography)



Filly (Border Collie)
Lock-Eye Pony Express APD, PJM, PTM
Handled by Richard

Filly is our little mighty one! She's teaching her dad, Richard Reynolds, how to play the game of agility. What a fun and zippy team they are.

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Jade (Border Collie)
Hob Nob Stone Struck AAD, OA, OAJ
Handled by Richard

Life is one big party to this girl!

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Wit (Border Collie)
Hob Nob Oh So Clever MX, MXJ, PDCH, Performance Tournament Master - Silver,
2014 Performance Grand Prix Champion 3rd Place

I'm Wittle and cute and smart as a Whip-py!

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