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"Lauri is uniquely gifted in understanding how to reach the inner psyche of both the human and the dog! I've learned the most and had the most fun in the lessons where I played the role of "Lauri's dog" and experienced running a course through a dog's eyes. I refer to the video library often and am using it now to build a good foundation for my new puppy. " -- Karin & Kenzie

"Lauri is the best trainer I have ever worked with. She is wonderful at reading dogs and teaches to each dog's needs. I have learned much about my dogs from Lauri. She is especially good at motivating dogs, i.e., teaching students how to motivate their dogs, but she is equally good at showing people how to teach their dogs new skills or to reinforce existing skills. Her Lesson Library reflects this and takes the viewer through exercises step by step. Last but not least, Lauri is great with her human students - relaxed and humorous, she is as positive with us as she encourages us to be with our dogs." -- Faith, Rio & Grace

"LeapDog Agility brings a highly professional agility training facility to the North Bay. Lauri is extremely skilled in observing and marking behaviors (dog and handler) and then guiding her students to shape the behaviors, all of which promotes the teamwork that is critical to the sport. No matter what venue or level you compete in, the courses she sets for class can challenge the handler’s course management skills to bring out the most efficient way to handle the course for that specific dog and handler. I look forward to every class, and so do my teammates." -- Jeff Lyons

Gizmo (border collie) (S-NAC, S-NJC, S-NGC, OAC, OGC, O-TN-N, O-TG-N, NADAC Novice Triple Superior)
Kachina (border collie) (O-NAC, S-NJC, S-NGC, TN-N, O-TG-N)

Lauri Plummer knows what makes dogs tick - inside and out! She also has a magical ability to "dial-in" to each team - each dog and handler - and help them realize their potential. She shares her observations in a simple, straight-forward manner, with good humor and infinite patience. Lauri is great! -- Celeste & Keeper

Lauri Plummer is a gifted instructor with the patience of a saint! She is generous with her time giving attention to any individual that needs it. She is a natural teacher organizing and planning her sessions with smartly nested interesting courses that allow variety in each session with little time wasted for course changes. She has a great eye for determining multiple handling maneuvers that could be used on a given sequence, challenging her students to work outside their comfort zone and try new things. She has helped build confidence in myself and my dog and we are grateful that she is here to share her skills and knowledge with the rest of us.
Thanks Lauri!
Cheri and Risk (aka the Evil Mr. Fluffy)

The cool thing about Lauri is that she's really smart in a lot of ways. She observes, evaluates and formulates a plan to help you work through problem spots. All of this is done with kindness and without judgement. This is a rare combination, and one that I am extremely grateful for. Best of all, though, is that she always reminds us to PLAY with our partners! "LEAPDOG ROCKS!!" -- Liza, Annabelle & Taiko

"I have found Lauri to be a kind and patient teacher who is always a pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful knowledge of agility and sets up challenging fun courses. She has helped me a lot in teaching my younger dog distance work in a way that he enjoys and he has improved greatly. She also has graciously let my older retired dog join in class a little for his enjoyment, excercise and stimulation."

Sincerely, Debbie Stoner

“One of Lauri’s strong points as an instructor is her keen eye for seeing the subtleties of what the handler is doing and how the dog is responding to that action. Another plus is that she is not autocratic in insisting that what she suggests is the only way to handle a situation. The only exception to this is her insistence that we do not continue to allow our dogs to fail time after time… that is something we should always keep in mind.” -- Kelly Randall

"Your courses really get us moving and give us a lot of the same challenges we get so often in trials. So many times we have worked on something in class that has shown up in a trial the same week. Your insights on back chaining with difficult tunnel sequences, weave pole entries, turns and contacts have really helped to get us more focused and consistent in our performance. Oh yes and Bud likes you a lot! -- Barb

“In Lauri’s classes, her training advice is genuine, well thought out, insightful, and to the point. Her classes are well run and always offer an appropriate challenge for the training level of the dogs and handlers. She obviously puts a lot of consideration into the course setups as well as the discussion topics.” -- Billy, Bid & Chief

Lauri has what I call a "soft" way of training. She makes suggestions on ways to improve, not ever demanding. Never has she raised her voice, or appeared frustrated in any way. She has the perfect "teacher" personality with lots of patience. We have had several issues with contacts, teeter and weave poles. She always has come up with a plan that has helped us overcome them.

She has a way of working with each dog indivually, with their own specific
attributes and weaknesses. My dog and I thoroughly enjoy coming to class each and every week. -- Stephanie & Vannie

We have been enjoying Lauri as a trainer for several months now and our Springers are improving by leaps and bounds! Lauri is especially proficient with motivation and dealing with dogs and handlers as individuals with creative solutions for impending issues. We and our dogs find our 2 hour each way trip to her fabulous arena is well worth the effort. We look forward to our training as the light of our week.-- Bev and G.W. Dodds, Betsy and Amy

Lauri is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and is always looking for different ways to help each individual dog and handler. She has a good eye to pick up on small things that may cause trouble down the road, and she makes it fun for the dogs especially. -- Sharon Harper

Lauri Plummer is a great trainer. Why? She makes activities fun for the dogs and for the handlers. She never transmits impatience nor frustration and never, ever makes anyone feel uncomfortable or disrespected. A handling mistake is identified, analyzed, discussed and addressed by illustrating various methods to achieve your goals. Lauri shows you what you did and what you might have done differently to achieve success. Her suggestions are logical, understandable and tailored to each handler and dog team. The handler gets very clear ideas of just how to hone a skill and the incremental training steps the dog needs to learn. Every activity challenges teams with the goal of improving handling skills and communication between team members. She makes each class a different and exciting learning experience and most capably addresses the needs of any size dog at any level of proficiency. Classes may include obstacle discrimination, contact work, lead outs, crosses, jumping exercises, weave pole entries and distance work. Our youngest, least experienced competitive dog has far better contacts than his older, more advanced relatives thanks in part to Lauri's excellent series of teaching videos. She comfortably and masterfully teaches for those eyeing international competition or those mainly interested in just having fun with their dogs. Outside of class Lauri is wonderfully open to questions and unhesitatingly offers an array of remedies specific to you and your dog's needs and abilities. Are we satisfied? You bet. Are we improving? Yes. Did we mention that she has a great training facility?

Noni and Chris and our three dobermans

" Luna" CH MACH Foxfire Heavens Present Sharwill AAD AS AR EAC EJC EGC TN-O
" Hunter" Foxfire's Dragon Slayer OA NAJ

I LOVE to go to agility every week with Lauri and this is why!! She always has different and challenging courses set up. She watches each dog and if there is a problem in the run she will have excellent suggestions to make the run better. The facility and grounds are great for running for people and dogs. She often puts on extra classes for different events, or to keep the dogs motivated. I have learned sooo much from Lauri first with my Lab and now with my Golden!! My hat is off to Lauri and her agility classes. -- Chris Hempel, Angel & Keeper


  Please write for information on classes and activities lauri@leapdogagility.com




I strongly recommend Leapdog's video library! The video clips that highlight the teaching concepts are short and succinct. I can see exactly what I should be doing with my dog. In addition, the supporting text answers any question I have but doesn't require me to plow through a long article. This is a terrific resource if you are training on your own or as a supplement to your training classes. -- L. Leach, Scout & Boo

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